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“Seeing him having so much fun and playing with the other dogs was fantastic.”

(Tracey & Chris)

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(Limited to the first 5 franchisees)

Thanks for visiting our website and for your potential interest in owning a Puppy Dog Hotel. Our Prospectus is designed to give you an insight into the background of Puppy Dog Hotel and to the opportunities that are open to you by owning your own business, in terms of both lifestyle and earning potential.  We hope that you find the contents both informative and interesting and that you will want to progress to the next stage which is an informal meeting to discuss what is involved in owning and running your own Puppy Dog Hotel.

I look forward to meeting you.

Karina Hearn

Founder of Puppy Dog Hotel

About the Market

When starting a business you want to know that a market exists for the service that you are providing. You can be confident that the demand for the services that you will provide as a Puppy Dog Hotel owner not only exists but is growing. The UK is a nation of dog lovers, with around 23% of all households owning at least one dog as a family pet. That equates to around 8 million dogs! As dog owners we spend over £4billion annually on pet care. So you can see that by owning a Puppy Dog Hotel you will be operating in a market sector which is not only buoyant but is growing!

As a point of interest and to highlight the business potential,  Puppy Dog Hotel Chesham has to disappoint hundreds of requests for boarding each year and currently has bookings as far ahead as 2018!

About Us

Puppy Dog Hotel first opened its door to ‘guests’ in 2008. It was founded by Karina Hearn who has been involved with dogs and puppies for over 25 years. Karina is still active in the business along with her husband Joe and daughters Kira and Amelia making Puppy Dog Hotel a real family enterprise.

The reason behind starting the business was simple. A growing demand from concerned dog owners about leaving their pets in traditional kennels or with unlicensed home boarders resulting in an increased need for ‘licensed home boarding’.

Whether it be during the day while the owner is at work, an overnight stay whilst away on business or an extended stay due to holidays ‘guests’ at Puppy Dog Hotel are treated as part of the family receiving the same ‘home comforts’ that their owners provide.

The Puppy Dog Hotel concept was borne out of a love for dogs and a desire to ensure that they were properly cared for when their owners were away. It has grown into a business and given its owners a lifestyle that they love and has made a profit every year from year one. This could be a lifestyle that you will love too as a Puppy Dog Hotel franchisee.

Our Values

The success of our business has been down to the fact that, when owners leave their dogs at Puppy Dog Hotel, they can be sure that they are being looked after in a safe and loving family home.  They are treated in the same way that we would treat our own family pet. There are no kennels at Puppy Dog Hotel our canine guests stay with us in our home and treated as part of our family. This gives the owners (our clients) peace of mind and results in us getting repeat business and a full bookings diary.

Our aim at Puppy Dog Hotel is to offer both the dogs in our care and their owners a premier service that simply cannot be bettered any where else.

Why Franchise

Franchising is a proven method of successfully starting a business. The latest NatWest/British Franchise Association Survey shows that 92% of franchised businesses are profitable. By comparison, more than half of start-up businesses that are non- franchised, fail to last for five years.

Franchising is based on replicating proven successful systems, services and products under an established brand name. Importantly as a franchisee you can also depend on the help and support of your franchisor during the lifespan of your business.

Banks are also extremely supportive of franchise business models and are attracted by the

extremely low failure rate(less than 3% of franchised businesses suffer commercial failure

NatWest/ bfa Survey)  So if you are looking for bank support in terms of financing your business

you have a much better  chance of success by adopting a franchise model.

Puppy Dog Hotel Chesham has made a year on year profit from year one.

Our Business Model

Unlike other pet care franchises, where the role of the franchisee is simply to find ‘hosts’ to look after dogs, a Puppy Dog Hotel franchise is suited to individuals who truly love our canine friends and who get enjoyment out of personally looking after them.

 As a Puppy Dog Hotel owner you will meet with every dog and its owner and assess whether or not they are suitable to be your ‘guest’, it is your decision. They will then live with you as a ‘member of the family’ in the same way they would do if they were in their owner’s home.

This personal service, which is what distinguishes us from our competitors, is loved by our clients (and of course their dogs) and keeps them coming back to Puppy Dog Hotel year after year.

Our business model is suitable for individuals who wish to board one, two or three dogs and allows you the flexibility to operate your Puppy Dog Hotel to suit both your lifestyle and income requirements.

A Puppy Dog Hotel Franchisee does not need to own a ‘large’ property. Indeed it can be run from a flat if you have access to a secure private garden.

The Lifestyle

Whilst we expect you to run your Puppy Dog Hotel as a professional business, we believe that it is the lifestyle that being a Puppy Dog Hotel Franchisee offers, that holds the greatest appeal.

As a home based business, you no longer have the stress of the commute to and from work. Deadlines and targets are a thing of the past. As the business owner you can organise your work-life balance to suit you. Above all you will spend your time doing something that you are passionate about and that gives you pleasure.

Research has discovered that caring for dogs provides the following benefits:

 You are less prone to allergies

 You get sick less

 You are happier

 You get more exercise

 Improves your social life

 Your stress level lowers

How many Franchise Opportunities can claim to be ‘good for your health?’

By owning a Puppy Dog Hotel you truly

can not only have an improved and

more enjoyable lifestyle, but an

altogether healthier life.

The Numbers

The initial cost to purchase a Puppy Dog Hotel Franchise is £12,000 + VAT. (Initial Introductory Offer)

Your launch package and training are included within this fee.

Ongoing monthly fees are 10% of turnover and a Marketing Levy of 2% is introduced in year three of your franchise to be used exclusively to market the brand.

As previously mentioned our business model lets you decide how many dogs you wish to look after at any one time.  

(Subject to licensing regulations)

Whilst income cannot be guaranteed we estimate the following potential earnings based on our current business.

Your Next Step

Assuming that you have seen enough in our online prospectus to make you want to hear more, then the next step is for us to meet. This is a completely informal and friendly meeting where no decision is made by either party to proceed. It is simply the first stage in getting to know whether owning a Puppy Dog Hotel is the right opportunity for you and indeed if you are the right person for us to grant a Puppy Dog Hotel franchise to.

Simply either e-mail us

Alternatively call us on 01494 771493 to arrange an initial meeting.

Additional Services

For those Franchisees wishing to grow their business (and obviously their income potential) Puppy Dog Hotel offer a range of additional services to clients including;

 Home Visiting Pet Care Service

 Dog Walking

 Pet Taxi

 Dog Day Care



Full training and ongoing support, also supplied for these services if required.

Puppy Dog Hotel™ and Puppy Dog Hotel™ logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Puppy Dog Hotel Limited™.

Puppy Dog Hotel™ and Puppy Dog Hotel™ logo are used here with the permission of Puppy Dog Hotel Limited™ and may not be used, copied or reproduced in any format without the prior written permission of Puppy Dog Hotel Limited™.

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.

Puppy Dog Hotel Limited has been a Provisionally Listed Company with the British Franchise Association which means the company has committed itself to develop the business in accordance with bfa industry standards.

Next time you are out and about have a look and see how many dogs you see??? They are all potential clients of yours and if you own your OWN Puppy Dog Hotel franchise you will receive FULL training, launch pack and of course the on-going support of the owners who have over 30 years’ experience in the care, training and well-being of our lovely canine friends and are VERY EXPERIENCED UK Assistant Dog Trainers and  Socialisers.

Our Chesham branch currently has to disappoint over 450 requests

   for boarding each year as we are already booked for the dates these potential

clients require.  It is a business that also offers longevity as well as quite simply a superb lifestyle working from home. So whether you own a flat, house, bungalow and you can offer our guest love, care and a high level of service (with training) then this may be the best thing you ever do. Franchise offer of just £12,000 + vat for first five franchisees ONLY!  So if you think you can meet our very high standards and fancy a new start in life and being your own boss then turn your passion to your job, loving and caring for our canine friends.   Superb chance to own a Puppy Dog Hotel Franchise at fantastic price. Change your lifestyle  and start enjoying life with fantastic earning potential!

For further details

contact us between 10am - 7pm.